No election has divided our country as much as this year’s presidential election. Our leaders failed us. Our government failed us. And we failed ourselves by letting ourselves end up with a choice between a despicable candidate and an untrustworthy one. No one inspired us. They exhausted us. Voting ended up being like vomiting: it felt better when it’s over but it left a bad taste in the mouth. This election has been as predatory as possible. It’s about powerful individuals groping people and powerful people keeping their secrets.

The advice a horse would give at this juncture? Think of the herd. Not yourself. It’s time to think about all the things that bind you together. Your past. Your purpose. Your country. It’s time to recognize that whatever divides the herd, breaks the group down, splits it up, spells danger for everyone. The herd is only safe when all members listen with all ears, see that dangers for one are dangers for all. That if one member of the herd is weaker and must slow down then the whole herd slows to that pace. No one is left behind. The herd is never divided. It is the sum of all the members. Their home. Their family. Their country. The horse would tell us: Know that whoever preaches divisiveness serves the devil’s purposes. Let the herd steer clear of them.