Allan Hamilton started off his working life as a janitor. Today, he holds four Professorships at the University of Arizona in Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology, Psychology, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

AJHamilton_docHe graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed training at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Hamilton served as a medical officer in Operation Desert Storm and is a decorated US Army veteran. He has been chosen by his peers as “One of America’s Best Doctors” for the last eighteen consecutive years. Dr. Hamilton has written more than  dozen chapters in medical textbooks and nearly 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles. He is the recipient of numerous honors, awards and distinctions.

 In 2000, Dr. Hamilton’s was selected as “One of the Great Intellects of the 21st Century.” He has been a featured guest on National Public Radio, the Public Broadcasting System, CNN, ABC Evening News, and The NBC Today Show.

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“Dr. Hamilton is a rare admixture of intellectual competence, scientific knowledge obtained by rigorous standards, and extraordinary talent for writing and speaking about the most complex aspects of being human and what may be possible for humanity. Listening to this expert is to experience man’s connection to man – literally through his presence and intellectually through his remarks.” – JoAnne Shanks, Esq., Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)