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What’s Wrong With Predators Nowadays?

It’s easy—too easy, in fact—to look around ourselves these days and ask: “What’s gone wrong with the world? Is everyone on the planet crazy?” In just recent days, we witnessed the shootings in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and the killing of innocent Sikhs in a temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. There’s the government-led and sectarian killings in Syria. And NASA just recently reported that nearly sixty percent of Greenland’s icepack melted in less than four days and that [...]


The Herd Bound Horse

Gillian Asks: Dear Dr. Hamilton, I really enjoyed your excellent webinar presentation, Zen Mind, Zen Horse.  I am only sorry that it couldn’t go on for at least another hour.  I made lots of notes.  Here is my question: I have a lovely 14-year-old Arab gelding who is my riding horse.  There are two mares and another gelding in his herd.  He is very herd-bound, and will act up when we are away from the others.  He is fine for the [...]


Honesty Is Awareness

Recent research indicates that human beings lie, on average, anywhere from two to twenty times a day! We are hardly even aware that we are even lying. Here’s a teaching exercise an expert on lying recently asked members of the audience to do. “Pull out your cell phones,” he said. “Look up all the calls you made, all the text messages you sent, and all of your emails you fired off over the last twenty-four hours. Run down the list [...]


Living in the Moment

The past is a guidepost, not a hitching post. ~L. Thomas Holdcroft Horses don’t delude themselves about time. They understand that there was a past. If it was bad, they usually forgive it. If it was good, well, no reason to dwell on that too long either. As to the future, they don’t place too much stock in that either. Horses have a way of trying to size up the situation by confining themselves to the present. When they go [...]

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