Lessons From A Life With Horses

This collection of over 100 essays  treats working with horses as a metaphor for personal, professional and spiritual growth. The results showcase wisdom on such universal themes as leadership, motivation, ambition, love and human transformation.

2017 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award, 2017 Ippy Silver Award and the 2017 GOLD Nautilus Book Award!

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zen-mind-zen-horse-LTravel a New Path to Spiritual Well Being

Anyone who loves and admires horses will develop a new understanding of how humans interact with them; and how those interactions can lead to spiritual awakening. Dr. Hamilton’s insight will give you not only a new horse training perspective, but guide you on a journey of self discovery as you learn to extract the spiritual lessons horses can teach us, and apply them to your daily life.

Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses is a primer on spirituality, brain function, and the bonds between the equine and human species. It is written from my unique perspective as a Harvard-trained brain surgeon and an experienced horse trainer. It is both a technical manual for training horses and a guide to extracting the deeper, spiritual lessons we can learn from these animals and applying them in our daily lives. It looks at horsemanship as a spiritual journey, open to anyone, at any level of expertise, and at any stage in their lives. Read More


Experience the Spiritual Side of Surgery

Based on thirty years experience as Harvard-educated brain surgeon, The Scalpel and the Soul: Encounters with Surgery, the Supernatural, and the Healing Power of Hope tells the stories behind remarkable patients and the moral and spiritual lessons they can teach everyone. In this book, Dr. Hamilton shares a rare glimpse of how the spiritual and the supernatural manifest themselves even in the high-tech world of 21st century intensive care units or operating rooms.

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“… [A} visionary in emerging technologies, Dr. Hamilton…was thought-provoking, and he shared lessons from research in a relatable, accessible, and humorous manner—no PhD in Neuroscience required—with very useful takeaway lessons…. Dr. Hamilton was an absolutely fabulous keynote speaker, and brought a lot of richness to the summit. His keynote address was a highlight to a successful day.” – Michele Norin, Chief Information Officer, Arizona IT Summit