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“Playing with Magic” a Film By Wayne Ewing

“Playing with Magic” explores how people are miraculously transformed by playing with horses. In the film cancer survivors, autism victims, PTSD sufferers and ordinary people find healing and hope in the company of horses. WINNER BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE PRESCOTT FILM FESTIVAL

At Dr. Hamilton’s ranch in Tucson, a young woman with terminal brain cancer and an older woman with liver cancer find empowerment working with horses, while in Solvang, California famed horseman Monty Roberts works with veterans suffering from PTSD, and in San Luis Obispo children with autism come alive riding horses. The film ends full circle with people saving horses at the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Ft.Collins, Colorado.

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consider_the_conversationConsider the Conversation 2: Stories about Cure, Relief, and Comfort

An Emmy Nominated Film by Michael Bernhagen and Terry Kaldhusdal

American medicine’s success at fighting disease and extending life has created a new problem. That is, the vast majority of patients can now expect to die in a place (a hospital or nursing home) and in a way (with increased quantity, but reduced quality, of life) that most wouldn’t choose if only asked. Talking about dying, which is as natural as birth, is now taboo. And, the reality is patients and families are suffering needlessly. It is a problem we never intended to create and one that must be solved, but how?

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