Horses and Christmas

I know there is not much to admire about the Marlboro Man. After all, these iconic cowboys were used to advertise cigarettes but I was too young to know about smoking back then and I just loved them because they were cowboys. They were ruggedly handsome men with sharply chiseled features and strong jaw lines and all decked out like cowboys. But what I loved the most was the ads that would show up at Christmas time. Then the Marlboro [...]

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Drifting Away from Earth

The year 2010 was a threshold year for the human race for two reasons. First, it marked the point at which we had extracted more oil out of the ground than was left in it. In other words, we had depleted more than half of the entire planet’s reserves of fossil fuel in the form of petroleum. The second event that year marked was that more of the world’s population lived in cities than in rural areas. So more us [...]

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A Horse Has Thing Or Two To Say About This Election

No election has divided our country as much as this year’s presidential election. Our leaders failed us. Our government failed us. And we failed ourselves by letting ourselves end up with a choice between a despicable candidate and an untrustworthy one. No one inspired us. They exhausted us. Voting ended up being like vomiting: it felt better when it’s over but it left a bad taste in the mouth. This election has been as predatory as possible. It’s about powerful [...]

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Do You Question a Nobel Prize?

This year has been a historic for the awarding of the Nobel Prizes. The Peace prize was awarded to Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Columbia, “for his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long-civil war to an end.” His country voted down the peace treaty. In 1973, the Nobel Peace Price was awarded to Henry Kissinger of the United States and Le Duc Tho of North Vietnam for negotiating the end of the Vietnam War. Kissinger went [...]

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The Sanctuary of Cats

They live in the Masaken Hanono, a suburb in the Eastern part of Aleppo, Syria. They have banded together from all across the bombed-out remains of the city. Some of them resort to stealing from each other. Some band together to defend each other. They are the cats of Aleppo and they have a guardian, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, an ambulance driver who scrounges enough food every day to care for 170 cats and 2 dogs, some of the animal survivors [...]

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What if Harrison Ford was the Celebrity Candidate for President?

Let’s face it: we have not exactly won the celebrity lottery when it comes to Donald Trump. Arguably, while playing the role of the Donald on “The Apprentice” may have made him look, for a few brief scenes, like he was decisive, there was really never anything there to suggest he was presidential.  So now we are all upset with him that he’s lost a fortune in his business dealings, he’s a liar, a misogynist, and a buffoon. But let’s [...]

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Working a New Horse

As a horse trainer there a sense of real excitement when I am first brought a horse to train. It’s like opening a Christmas present. First, I look at the wrapping. Color, age, conformation, movement. I can size that up from the rail. I lean against that fence and just watch this magnificent being in front of me, swishing his tail, ears turning, nostrils drawing in the new smells, and the deep, wise eyes trying to make sense of what [...]

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What’s Wrong With Predators Nowadays?

It’s easy—too easy, in fact—to look around ourselves these days and ask: “What’s gone wrong with the world? Is everyone on the planet crazy?” In just recent days, we witnessed the shootings in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and the killing of innocent Sikhs in a temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. There’s the government-led and sectarian killings in Syria. And NASA just recently reported that nearly sixty percent of Greenland’s icepack melted in less than four days and that [...]

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The Herd Bound Horse

Gillian Asks: Dear Dr. Hamilton, I really enjoyed your excellent webinar presentation, Zen Mind, Zen Horse.  I am only sorry that it couldn’t go on for at least another hour.  I made lots of notes.  Here is my question: I have a lovely 14-year-old Arab gelding who is my riding horse.  There are two mares and another gelding in his herd.  He is very herd-bound, and will act up when we are away from the others.  He is fine for the [...]

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