I feel like I have fallen into some wormhole and popped through into an alternate Universe where Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States. It reminds me a little of Amazon’s TV hit series based on Philip Dick’s novel, Man in the High Castle, where the viewer is introduced into a post-World War II universe in which Japan and Germany have won the war and the United States is run as a colony of the Axis powers. It looks like America. It’s familiar, but there are all these odd details in the buildings and the clothes that are all slightly changed. They have that Germanic hint to the architecture or accent in the clothes.

So, I look around my world this morning and there are hints that there’s been a tectonic plate shift.

I am reflecting on my surroundings as I look about. I don’t recognize my own country in this alternate world. It’s changed. I don’t see the educated women who were supposed to make up the gender gap. Where are the Latinos who were supposed to help carry Florida? Where are our African American brothers and sisters who were going to help guide us towards genuinely fair programs to reform our criminal justice system, to provide real, meaningful educational opportunities in our crumbling cities and communities? Where were the millennials who wanted better debt-free educations, better job opportunities, a world that embraced diversity? What happened to the environmentalists who were going to help us start to save the planet?

What aspect of us triumphed last night that landed us in this alternate Republican reality? An overwhelming percentage of pissed-off, white, blue collar, less educated, rural male voters. They were transported from the past, from around 1950, before abortion was legal, before women earned equal rights and equal pay, and from a time when it was okay to keep African Americans from the voting booth. The election of Donald Trump will be puzzled in the history books for centuries. It will rank up with a host of cataclysmic days in American history: Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination, and the 9/11 attack. Other times we fell through the worm hole. And now we will add Trump to that list.

What do you do now that you are trapped in the Alternate reality? You pray. You pray that God will guide President-elect Trump’s hand and heart. That He will provide the President-elect with the best minds and thinkers to help him gain the knowledge and wisdom the office requires. That Mr. Trump will finally be satisfied with having gained the highest office in the land and sacrifice his ego and his pretentious character and guide us back to the world where we really belong.

Meantime, let’s remind ourselves that in this alternate Universe, the world is ripe for Nationalistic, right wing fascism. One eagle can easily be substituted for another. Here it is possible to install un-constitutional limitations on our freedom in the name of national security. Stop and frisk. Silence newspapers and their reporters. Deportation. Retaliation for anyone who speaks out against the Trump administration. Law and order. These were all familiar cries in another era when an unexpected, unorthodox candidate showed up in the last century.  Alternate realities don’t just make for good television shows. Sometimes they make up reality. We all need to guard against it. We all need to stand up as patriots for what is right, decent, and ethical. Pray for our President. Pray for our Congress. Pray for each of us.

It’s morning in America and I am worried that Night may now fall.