“Dr. Hamilton was received by a large and enthusiastic room packed with almost 1,000 attendants. His talk was being simultaneously translated into five different languages and projected on large screen televisions and, still, he managed to feel perfectly comfortable and at ease on the stage. He illustrated how experiences shed light on all of us–our values, our legacy, and the way we lead our daily lives…much to the audience’s delight….” – Steve Klein, Manager, Event Services, Ramtha School of Enlightenment


Hamilton_TEDDr. Hamilton has given over 500 hundred speeches, lectures, and talks to lay and professional audiences ranging from commencement addresses to keynote addresses to national conventions. He has been selected for the last seven years as one of the country’s leading medical speakers.

It is not just Dr. Hamilton’s wide-ranging content—from Hollywood and its impact on the medical profession to the Neuroscience of Consciousness and from the leadership principles learned in the horse herd to the geopolitics of high-tech approaches to healthcare—but also a wonderful ability to weave stories that deliver the human impact and meaning of these lofty themes.

He has received numerous awards and accolades for his public speaking and has been selected as one of Cunard Cruise’s Elite Speakers for its informational Insights Programmes aboard their ships. He has been a speaker at numerous TED venues and participated in their global meetings.


Drs. Allan and Jane Hamilton also give joint presentations and keynote addresses.



“It was a rare pleasure having Dr. Hamilton serve as our opening speaker for this year’s 2009 Physicians′ Roundtable in Greenville, North Carolina. His speech about the importance of spirituality in the context of 21st century medicine helped set a tone of both conscience and conscientiousness…. He struck the right opening note for the entire conference.” – Sue Vogan, Peer Observations Magazine

Subject Areas of Expertise:

Spirituality, Health, and Wellness
The Future of Healthcare in the Twenty-First Century
Technological Innovations and Healthcare
Legal Aspects of Health and Medicine
Media, Medicine, and Creativity
Groundwork and Horsemanship
History of Medicine


For a listing of sample talks and subject matter click here.

For a selection of video loops of some of Dr. Hamilton’s presentations and talks click here.

 “Outstanding presentation….beautifully done…fun, factual and empirical…right brain vs. left brain info really helpful…presented with a level of humor and confidence….I loved the whole presentation!!! Wonderful information, great presentation styles and engaging topic.”

Anonymous comments handed in by audience participants on lecture in “Prey Mind versus Predator Mind” presented as guest speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Arizona Psych. Assoc. 2016


“Rarely have I seen speaker at a corporate conference receive a spirited standing ovation.  But Dr. Allan Hamilton received a rousing ovation after delivering engaging and provocative remarks at [our conference]…. He is also a delight to work with.  An A+ on every level.” – Louisa Hollman, Hollman Special Events


“Dr. Hamilton[‘s] talk on spirituality and the important place it has in medicine was full of hope and insight. Its tone was warm and familiar…. His vast wealth of experiences as a surgeon is evident as he links personal anecdotes to the important lessons we can each learn from them.” – Seth Turner, Tucson Medical Center Hospice