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“Allan is an outstanding speaker. He′s inspiring, and what he has to say about health and spirituality will benefit everyone who hears it. We received very enthusiastic feedback from attendees.”

Michael Larsen, Co-director, Writing for Change Conference

Healthcare, Medicine, and History


Psychoneuroimmunology: How and Why Our Emotions Affect Our Health and Wellbeing
 A fascinating look at the emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology and how scientist have begun to solve the various ways in which our mood, emotions, and state of mind produce profound positive and negative effects on wellbeing. Dr. Hamilton also examines a number of ways in which we can improve out state of mind and exert powerful changes in our health.


What Makes Me Happy?–A Surprising Scientific Investigation of How and Why Human Beings Make Themselves Happy….and the Hidden Reasons Sometimes They Can’t.
Dr. Hamilton delves into the science of positive psychology and what researchers are uncovering about the unusual way the brain establishes rules for how and why we feel happy. He will also examine the latest studies on how our brain’s wiring about happiness guides our choices in everything from spouse to shopping.


How Nineteenth Century Scotland Gave Neuroscience to to The Rest of the World:
A look at the enormously rich history of 19th century Scotland in full throes of the Scientific Enlightenment. How Scottish surgeons, doctors, and scientist paved the way for the century of the brain and began elucidating the mechanisms by which illness manifested itself in the brain and the courageous attempts to find cures for maladies of the Central Nervous System.


The Life and Death of Stonewall Jackson: How One Small Medical Decision Changed the Entire Outcome of the American Civil War.
How events at the Battle of Chancellorsville of 1863 lead to the wounding of General Thomas Jonathon “Stonewall” Jackson by his own troops and how altering one simple, seemingly innocent and logical medical decision could have changed the entire course of the American Civil War.


dnaMedicine and Emerging Technology: For Better or Worse?
Dr. Hamilton analyzes how technology created to address the problems of the present can evolve to pose future unexpected results – both good and bad.


Code Blue: Can Technology Save Us from a Tidal Wave of Medical Mistakes
Dr. Hamilton discusses how today’s technological advancements impact modern medicine and what we can do to minimize medical mistakes.


Confessions of a Brain Surgeon: The Most Important Lessons I Learned—the Hard Way—in Medicine
Dr. Hamilton will share stories about the power of the human spirit in overcoming illness and the most important lessons that patients have taught him.


From Dr. Kildare to Dr. House–The Changing Faces of Healthcare As Seen Through TV Medical Drama
As a medical script consultant to TV medical dramas, he offers a unique insight into the public’s perception – and fears – about the medical profession it depends on


Can American Healthcare Recover? How Medical Errors Are Killing Us and What We Need to Do to Fix It
Dr. Hamilton exposes the crisis in the public’s lack of confidence and trust in the American Healthcare system. he offers a simple but radical solution for patients and healthcare workers to forge new bonds based on mutual trust and fulfillment.


Your Money or Your Life: Capitalism, Multinational Corporations & Global Healthcare
Dr. Hamilton explores the history behind some of medicine’s greatest scientific breakthroughs. He discusses the financial costs of delivering “cutting edge” medical technology, the political issues surrounding inequities in healthcare access and availability, and, finally, the broader ethical issues of delivering better global healthcare at reduced costs.


From Barnyard to Bedside: How Horses Teach Doctors the Secrets of Better Bedside Manners
Ten years ago Dr. Hamilton developed an entire curriculum for medical students to help them learn non-verbal communication skills by working closely with horses. Dr. Hamilton’s program had now been replicated at nearly a dozen universities around the world. In this moving presentation, Dr. Hamilton shares the lessons he has learned and shows videos demonstrating the powerful “voice” of our body’s language.


“Excellent, wonderful, thought provoking and interesting…Dr. Hamilton has an amazing presentation style – thank you for sharing your knowledge….Super cool presentation…Great presentation!  Very interesting topic and a dynamic speaker…So bright! Enjoyed it….A gem!…packed with provocative information resulting in cognitive dissonance and harmony….So interesting – eye opening – inspiring!”
— Anonymous comments handed in by audience participants on lecture in “The Neuroscience of Transcendent States of Mind” presented as guest speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Arizona Psych. Assoc. 2016


The Human Brain and the Pursuit of Life, Lust, and Love



The Ten Most Important Things We Can Learn About Living from the Dying.

Dr. Hamilton reviews some of the latest insights we can glean when patients in hospice with terminal illness share their wisdom with us. Death can make us keenly aware of how to live a better life, how to alter our values and relationships to honor ourselves and the gift of life.


Finding Flow: A Neuroscientific Perspective on the Pursuit of Purpose
Recent research into these “flow states” sheds important light on why we have delightful moments when we are completely lost in what we are doing, and what we can do to help our brains find more.


The Brain in Love—The Neuroscience of Life’s Most Powerful Emotion
Dr. Hamilton will share insights from latest research that is discovering how and why we, as human beings crave, live, die, and kill for love.


The Neuroscience of Transcendence
Dr. Hamilton will take you on an amazing scientific journey inside the brain to look at how we are hard-wired for spiritual experiences.


What Was I Talking About? Memory: How We Use It and How We Lose It
Dr. Hamilton reviews the latest research which is dramatically changing our views on memory, dementia, and preserving memory function.


Am I Telling the Truth? A Neuroscientist’s Perspective on Honesty and the Art & Science of Lying
Dr. Hamilton review how and why we lie in our lives and the latest science on being able to detect when someone is lying to us.


What Science Reveals About the Minds and Thoughts of Psychopaths and Serial Killers
Dr. Hamilton review what scientists are discovery about what is behind the mind of serial killers. He review some of the most famous serial killers and their neurologic findings.


burgerThis Is Your Brain on Food: The Neuroscience of Appetite, Satiety, and Dieting.
The amazing neuroscience behind why some diet regimens work and the rest don’t. Unlock the secrets of how your brain wants you to lose weight and the best proven research-based strategies to diet.


Language, Piracy, and the Annoying Properties of Progress
Dr. Hamilton examines the importance of human language function to the progress of civilization and its impact on the past and future of innovation.


The Mystery of Memory: A Neuroscientific Perspective from the Cellular Recall to Corporate America
A review of the neuroscientific basis of memory and its impact on our development, our notion of personal happiness, and the world of corporate innovation and obsolescence.


The Hunter or the Herd: Learning New Values for Leadership
A lifetime of working with horses has provided Dr. Hamilton with a unique perspective on how our notions of leadership change as we shift our perspective from striving for individual distinction as a member of the pack to seeking inclusion and communion within the herd. The new leadership styles of the 21st century call for an inclusive partnership rather than an exclusive position.


“Dr. Hamilton’s…moving stories not only transmitted the human dilemma of being a patient but also a physician.” – Lindalee Purdy, Seattle Hospice Chaplain

Groundwork and Horsemanship

Prey Mind, Predator Mind: A Scientific Look at How Horses Can Teach Us to Change Our Lives
Dr. Hamilton has discovered fascinating biological and neurological clues as to why human develop profound emotional bonds with horses, and why these amazing animals may awaken certain parts of the human brain that often remain dormant.



Cancer Warriors: Learning How to Harness Horse Power to Enhance Cancer Survival
This seminar is designed specifically with the cancer patient, cancer survivor, and cancer care providers in mind. Cancer not only assaults the body but also lays siege to one’s heart and mind. Having a positive attitude, relying on one’s spiritual and emotional resources, and assembling loved ones to provide support are all integral parts of becoming a successful cancer warrior.


From Round Pen to Boardroom: Learn to Harness the Power of Non-Verbal Communication from the Masters of Body Language — Horses
This course has been taught to Fortune 500 corporations. The program focuses on how to ensure that we demonstrate integrity; namely, that our words and our bodies send the same message.



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“… [A} visionary in emerging technologies, Dr. Hamilton…was thought-provoking, and he shared lessons from research in a relatable, accessible, and humorous manner—no PhD in Neuroscience required—with very useful takeaway lessons…. Dr. Hamilton was an absolutely fabulous keynote speaker, and brought a lot of richness to the summit. His keynote address was a highlight to a successful day.” – Michele Norin, Chief Information Officer, Arizona IT Summit

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