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AJH-Ted-TalkTED Talk: Prescribing Hope – Changing Outcomes With Optimism
Scientists and physicians have long known that fear, stress, and pessimism can cause illness and even kill us. But could the converse also be true? Could we cure ourselves with optimism? Dr. Allan Hamilton, a Harvard-trained brain surgeon and the author explores the emerging science of how our brains may be hard-wired to empower us with hope and why looking for the silver linings may actually make the clouds disappear. Watch Now


the-power-of-the-horseThe Power Of The Horse

The Power Of The Horse by Susan Hunter is an article in Mental Fitness magazine that profiles the work of Drs Jane and Allan Hamilton

“The horse is a mighty animal  1200 pounds of power and beauty in motion.
The human teenager is a creature in transition, tentatively merging into adulthood. And yet there is an emotional and curative bond between horse and teen. A bond that has been explored by the exceptional team of therapists and horse professionals at Rancho Bosque in Arizona.” Read Article



“Playing With Magic” debuts in Arizona – AND WINS!
Having debuted already in California, New York, Colorado, and soon in Illinois, “Playing With Magic” made its Arizona debut at the 2013 Prescott Film Festival held July 24-31. We are pleased to announce the film received the Best Documentary Feature award! To learn more about the film and order your personal copy, visit


AZ Illustrated Highlights “From Barnyard to Bedside”
Arizona Public Media Mental Health Producer/Reporter Gisela Telis joined Dr. Hamilton during one of his med student classes at Rancho Bosque. The new segment was part of the May 21, 2013 broadcast of AZ Illustrated. Read the story and watch the full video here.


“You were an inspiration to all of us…You took us to a journey of love and compassion that many…should listen to and emulate your charter, dedication and insight into the human struggle.” – Ismael Gama, Associate Vice President, Adventist HealthCare


“Developing a Bedside Manner at the Ranch” in the January/February 2014 issue of Health Leaders
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Bridging Medicine and Spirituality: An Interview with Dr. Allan Hamilton
published on Superconsciousness–The Voice for Human Potential
As the rapid current brought his small canoe inexorably closer to the fork in the river, Dr. Allan Hamilton was in a state of near panic. In one direction lay the small Gabonese village where he was supposed to act as chief medic and immunize children. In the other, the impetus would sweep the small craft all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. But which was which? Read Article on SuperConsciousness Magazine


nautilusawardHarvard Neurosurgeon Wins Nautilus Book Award for The Scalpel and the Soul
Allan Hamilton, MD, a renown Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, receives the prestigious 2009 Silver Nautilus Book Award for his inspiring and groundbreaking book, THE SCALPEL AND THE SOUL: Encounters with Surgery, the Supernatural and the Healing Power of Hope, published by Tarcher/Penguin. read more


Script Doctors
Spring 2009 Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin
Whether penning lines for House, MD or producing independent films, these Harvard doctors always have an audience. Read Article


Clinical Trials and Medical Miracles
April 01, 2009 by Lynn Pritchett
Experts shared their personal stories and professional research on medical miracles to a group of over 200 caregivers, patients, book lovers, writers, and fans of the ABC television series, Grey’s Anatomy, at the Tucson Book Festival on March 14, 2009 on the University of Arizona campus. Read Article