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Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 11:30am, Cornell Lunch Club



Friday, April 7, 2017 at 6:30pm, IONS

Presentation: Lessons Horses Teach About Saving Our Own Lives and Our Planet’s

Based on his new best-selling book, Lead with Your Heart–Lessons Learned from a Lifetime with Horses (Storey, 2016), Dr. Hamilton gives us a unique perspective as both a Harvard-trained brain surgeon and world renown horse trainer on the profound spiritual lessons that horses can demonstrate for us.  He will discuss how horses change the way our brains think and will use video segments to show the principles in action with horses.  He will discuss the broader implications about how we live and act in our personal lives but also the impact of the herd mentality in today’s challenging geopolitical scene.


Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 10:30am

Guest Speaker at the Kappa Kappa Gamma Bookclub Local Author Guest Day


Lead With Your Heart Clinic

With the Lead with Your Heart Clinic, you will take working with and relating to horses to the next level—true partnership and bonding. Your horse already knows how to be a horse. What he’s waiting for is: Do you know how to be the leader he needs?

What holds our horse back is not him. It’s always us. It always comes down to the obstacles and boundaries we create for ourselves. So, advanced horsemanship is about working on enhanced awareness. First, and foremost, our own self-awareness. Secondly, developing a keen attentiveness of our integrity with our horse and ourselves. The clinic provides horses with whom we will explore the following concepts and more:

  • How to always find the right place to start
  • How and why we must let mistakes happen
  • How to cultivate a patient, open, and forthright beginner’s mind
  • How agendas hurt our relationship with our horse
  • How to have objectives but remain unattached to them
  • How to use energy to become a more eloquent horseman or horsewoman
  • How to focus impeccable intention to get the easiest and quickest response from your horse
  • How to avoid lines of resistance and create curve of compromise
  • How to find and address small problems before they become big ones

Enrollees in the clinic will have the opportunity to work with several different horses on the ground. On the first day of the clinic, the morning and afternoon session will begin with a short didactic session. Several tasks will be demonstrated and then enrollees will break into small groups with an assigned instructor and begin working together with their assigned horse, exploring specific principles and task.  The second day will begin with a series of problem solving tasks in which enrollees and instructors will try to tackle a series of unknown challenges. As a group, they will elicit and review what spiritual and emotional principles were called into play by each challenge. In the afternoon, enrollees will be able to work singly or in pairs and select a principle or lesson from any one of 112 precepts from the book Lead with Your Heart—Lessons from A Life with Horses and devise a scenario where that principle can be applied and demonstrated.

The program is recommended for anyone involved in the world of equine-facilitated learning and therapy, anyone involved in training a horse of their own or someone else’s, anyone interested in developing a deeper, more profound partnership and kinship with their own horse, anyone interested in developing a greater spiritual awareness to enhance their own power for individual transformation, and anyone interested in seeing spiritual principles at work, demonstrated in a visually and physically accessible format.

A certificate of completion suitable for framing will be provided to participants who successfully complete both full days of the clinic.

Personal experience with horses is recommended, although not necessary, as participants will be divided into groups with similar levels of experience.

Email info@allanhamilton.com for more information or to register!


Past Events

September 23-24, 2016azpa4

Featured Speaker at 2016 Annual Convention of Arizona Psychology Association




October 8, 2016Image result

Equine Assisted Learning for UA Eller Business School and Law School


October 11, 2016


5th Annual Meeting of the Medical Innovation Institute, Bethesda Hilton, Bethesda, MD



March 8, 2017

SaddleBrooke Metaphysical Study Group 

March 11-12, 2017

Tucson Festival of Books