Horses teach us honesty—bone crushing, soul-splintering candor. Face up to the real situation in front of you. So what would a horse say about our new President-elect? I think a horse would elucidate some immutable principles from the start:

1. A President who propagates lies, makes up facts, and disseminates disinformation, is a  liar.

2. A man who says different things, at different times, to different audiences deceives all of them.

3. A man who believes he can serve his family’s business interests while he occupies the Oval Office, serves neither faithfully.

4. A man who doesn’t read is a fool.

5. A man who makes his decisions based on his gut has to remember that guts are full of shit.

6. A man with a history of multiple marriages, and adulterous affairs is not faithful.

7. Someone who is hungry for adulation is not steadfast.

8. The free market is not the same as freedom of expression.

9. A President who recommends throwing flag-burners into jail and removing their citizenship, who believes in stop and frisk, and supports water-boarding is not protecting the Constitution. He’s violating it. And if he took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, then he broke that most solemn oath.

10. Only the truth, the naked unvarnished fact, can stop tyrants. Learn to cherish it.