Lessons From A Life With Horses

Award winning author and celebrated neurosurgeon Allan J. Hamilton combines his understanding of the human brain with his lifelong passion for horses in this collection of essays that treats working with horses as a metaphor for personal, professional and spiritual growth. The results showcase wisdom on such universal themes as leadership, motivation ambition and humanity.

Full-color original illustrations beautifully capture horses’ power and mystery. Whether searching for greater spiritual depth or simply wanting to better understand their four-legged partner, readers everywhere will benefit from this wise and important collection.

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“Allan Hamilton is a real brain surgeon with true horse sense. If you want to be a better leader, teacher, parent — a more conscious human being, rather than a human doing — this is a book to keep close.”
–Stephen Kiesling, editor-in-chief, Spirituality & Health


“Lead with Your Heart takes you deep into learning the art of horsemanship and helps you enter the sensory-based world of the horse.”
–Temple Grandin, author of Humane Livestock Handlingand Animals in Translation


“Dr. Hamilton blends horse sense with common sense and adds lessons on trust, respect, and compassion, which we can take from the round pen, to the saddle, to the office, and to our living rooms.”
–Molly Sweeney, vice president of the Horses & Humans Research Foundation


“What a gem of a book! Allan Hamilton offers jewels to enrich our relationships with horse, family, colleagues, and self. This is the sort of book to keep close to refer to as life’s inevitable chaotic waves threaten.”
— Barbara K. Rector, CEIP-ED, co-founder of Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association


“I loved reading the book… which was the author’s plan, I am sure… because it is beautiful. You aren’t really aware that you are learning. It lulls you into a very pleasant mood, almost as if you were settled in a warm, scented bath. Or maybe having a cold beverage on a beautiful deck… What I am saying is that he sets the mood for you to be receptive to his message….Loved it…..I ended up reading a few pages every night just as I was going to bed. I’m sure this missive and imagery crept into my dreams and subconscious. And I think that is the intention…..Gorgeous, artful, powerful book. ”

—Dawn, (see full review)


Recent research tells us that horses are much smarter than we once believed. Allan J. Hamilton provides an excellent foundation for how to achieve a deeper and more rewarding partnership with them.
–Wendy Williams, author of The Horse: The Epic History of Our Noble Companion


“Dr. Allan Hamilton’s unfailing respect for the dignity and wisdom of horses provides an excellent blueprint for all who love our equine companions.”
–Elizabeth Letts New York Times best-selling author of The Eighty-Dollar Champion and The Perfect Horse.


“There is so much substance and so much incredibly pure insight, wisdom and love that it’s too much at times. We blame ourselves. It doesn’t take much for our mind to splinter off into bits of intangible ethos-type materials. What is clear from having perused the first few pages is that the writer is as excellent as he is well-spoken, loving, intelligent and passionate for horses and life. The Doctor knows how to live in the now. This is how he works….Lead With Your Heart is a great read. It espouses so many spiritual concepts. However, they’re almost snuck-in. For fact, the spirituality involved is not as publicized as are other aspects of the book. It’s so perfect. Treat yourself with a read. Then, share the book with someone you care about. It’s a perfect gift.”

–Ginae Says (read full review)

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Discover the importance of Breath Control and Horse Training. Controlling one’s breath is controlling one’s self.

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